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Congratulations to all Acton Boxborough Hall of Fame Members

Inductees are selected from five categories - Athlete, Coach, Administrator, Benefactor and Lifetime Achievement "Blue and Gold Award." Induction standards emphasize athletic achievement at the high school level, personal character, leadership and community involvement. College, professional, Olympic and other accomplishments are also taken into consideration. Teams, writers and other important contributors to AB athletic excellence may also be nominated.

While the achievements of all Hall of Fame members are particularly outstanding and worthy of recognition, the Executive Committee regrets that it is not always able to recognize a number of other fine athletes, coaches and members of our community who might just as well have been selected. It is our hope that the anticipation of honoring these contributors in future years will maintain a high level of interest and participation.

Take a few moments to scroll through the tabs and read the impressive accomplishments of the Colonial Club Hall of Fame Members.

Edward W. 'Bud' Flannery
John Winton
Sylvia Flint Brown
David Castelline
Paul Barbadoro
J. Brady Mayer
Gary Oldenburg
Kelly Dyer
Kari Fleishman
Maura O'Brien Champigny
1951 BOYS BASKETBALL TEAM- Class D - Tech Tourney Champions
The Team
Raleigh Beach, Jim Daricek, John Edgar Bob Greenough, Charles Greenough, Bill Harper, Bill Kazokas, Ken Marble, Harry Morse, Glen Pasanen, Dick Rhodes, John Steele and Lorey Whipple.
Coach: John Winton
Timer: Richard Brewster. Manager: Jim Maze Scorer: Richard Barnhart.

Al & Rose Ramos
Edward Leary
Joseph Wilson
Richard Ramos
Ray Gallant
Steven Higgins
Jay Mahoney
Lee Oldenburg
Chris Pappas
Allen Bourbeau
Kerry O'Donoghue
1974 BOYS HOCKEY TEAM - Undefeated - State Champions
The team
Douglas Bradley, Richard Brooke, Patrick Casey, David Centaro, Scott Corwin, Daniel Costello, Chris Cullinane, Kerry Daigle, Chip Hagey , Craig Hibbard, Steve Higgins , David Hill, Edward Hill, David Hoover, Andy Hungerford , Douglas Litchfield, Kenneth Moore, Richard Parkes, William Penniman, Thomas Penniman, John Person, Douglas Troy and Richard Wirtenson
Coaches: Bruce Parker and Bill Cullen
Managers: T. J. Scammon and Chris Reagan
Statistics: George Rein

Alice and Joseph Harrington
Alan Foresman
Robert Asquith
Tony Ammendolia
Richard Delaney
Mary Ellen Gavin-Trask
Robert Kostro
Michael Vecchione
Andrew Winders
1986 GIRLS SWIM TEAM Undefeated - State Champions

The team
Beth Bauer, Michelle Burnce, Noelle Canfield, Stephanie Colvin, Terry Farwell, Karen Hembrough, Andrea Falcione, Meta Hobson, Gina McCarthy, Megan Mischel, Becky Norton, Katie O'Grady, Rosemary Quigley, Wendy Richmond, Laurie Taft, Amy Tedrow, Sherri Turner, Linda Ullman, Tracy Williams, Linda Wright, Michelle Yatesand and Natalie Zdenek.
Bob Asquith

Bob Coan
Jack Hughes
Mark Smith
Shirley Conrad
Laraine Moland
Paul Stenzel
Deron Barton
Kevin Houle
Brian Lukacz
1969-70 & 1970-71 BOYS BASKETBALL TEAM -Back to Back State Champions
The team
Rene Beaudoin, Dave Beliveau', Chris Berlied, Dave Castelline, Bob Delaney), Rich Delaney), Lester Fanning1, Ray Gallant), Mike Gibbons, Greg Haskell, Jeff Hermes, Lonnie Jones, Ned Lesure, Mike McQueen, Mark Olthoff, Barry Palmer, Mark Pruneau, Al Ramos, Rich Ramos, Steve Shook and Mike Williams.
Coaches: Lawrence McNulty, Bruce Byam and George Frost.
Managers: Bill Grey, George LeGault, Bob Major, Bill O'Connell, Paul Quinlan, Steve Tolman and Bob Wolfenden.

Ann Leary
Kenny Mayer
Paul McDermott
Kathy Paradis-Adams
Don Day
Jessica Gould
Duffy McNulty
Josh Fraser
Chris Price
1964 BASEBALL TEAM Class C State Champions
The team
Don Shelley, Carmine Sarno, Harry Gould (ab), Vincent Paradis, James McKenna, and Donald Lindquist, Robert Dionne, Giles Lowden and Peter Moody, Charles "Kappy" Primiano and Ronnie Sweatt, John Knight, Paul Sindoris
Coach: Jim Palavras
Managers: Henry "Jay" Hogan and Travis Smith
1994 FOOTBALL TEAM Undefeated - Division III Super Bowl Champion
The Team
Jon Bassett, Tim Bassett, Mike Berlied, Dan Bickel, Jim Dee, Greg Enochs, Ron French, Jack Garcia, Bryan Gothie, Arron Hartley, Ron Portante, Chris Price (ab), Josh Sundberg, Lonny Sweet, Dee Thomas and Matt VonJess, Andy Brandt, Jay Close, Matt Collins, Fred Crimmons, Lee Ferante, Shawn French, Dave Gardella, Mickey Jeanson, Tom Mathews, Mike McDonald, Brian North, Ted O'Donoghue, Chris Patuto, Tim Plante, Scott Roman, Adam Sullivan, Greg Sutherland, Phil Trischitta, Darren Valencia, Steve Varney,Craig Averett, Ryan Beaudoin, Erik Berlied, Jared Bruun, Pete Clifford, Jesse Garcia, Jason Hartley, Mike Harvey, Josh Henry, Chris Herring,Keith Maver, Jon Mazzone, Dan Moretti, Joe Napoli, Pat Napoli, David Nolan, Josh Sagor, Peter Shields and Ken White.
Head Coach: Bill Maver
Assistant Coaches: Ray Gallant, Larry Spiller, Mark Smith, Mark Martin and Bruce Oetinger
Managers: Mark Casey, Kevin Gallant, Brian Maver, Kiel McQueen and Jeremy Pearson.

Lou Abare
Steven Donovan
Joseph Marashio
Jeanne Steele-Kangas
Rick Oldenburg
Mark Beeman
Susan Nyberg-Alex
June Dirstine
Naomi Sullivan-Martin
Patrick Ammendolia
1955-1956 GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM - 24-2 Wachusett League & Ashby Tournament Champions
Sylvia Beadoin-Hughes , Susan Collins-Sturrock, Judy Cornwall-Knowles, Margaret Daniels-Laskowski, Diane Daugherty, Karen Erkinnen-Crowell, Alice Foreman, Lois Hall-Pruett, Judith Hatch,Janice Hill-Ogliovie, Irene Kazokas-Bry, Madeline Koh, Georgina Phelps-Gaebel, Karen Spinney-Pickard, Jeanne Steele-Kangas, Joanne Steele, Linda Treyz-Gilberti and Deborah Woolston. Manager: Linda Gothorpe-Greene. Coach: Isadore Stearns
1966-1967 GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM - Undefeated - Dual County League & Billerica Tournament Champions
Kathy Barton, Patty Brown, Pamela Coles, Jill Cranna-Preolte, Donna Edwardsen-Hollywood, Leila Erkinnen, Marey Odenthal, Claudia Schwarn, Chritian Steele-Messanger, Elaine Tuomanen, Jeanne Wall, Carol Warren-Fenton and Barbara Williams. Manager: Beatrice Simonds
Coach: Isadore Stearns

Robert Caldwell
David Christmas
Jack Schofield
Nick Duren
Jon Davis
Steven Gaebel
Beth Baurer Carson
Michael O'Brien
Amy Hitz-Houle
Bronson Lingamfelter
1987 BOYS LACROSSE TEAM - Undefeated Division II State Champion

Devin Golden , David Ianelli, Kevin Shea, Jason Beaudoin, Dan Busse, Peter MacDonald, Brian Lukacz, Richard Lopez, Todd Hadley, Jim Ludovico, David Garrity and Jon Emerson. David Alling, Hugh Thornton, Chad Farrell, Matt Lambert, Mike LeBel, Kevin Heffernan, Jon Harris, Kevin Forsyth and Andy Betts. Andy Lauzan, Dean Cavaretta, David Nyberg, Stephen Lopez, Chris Busse and Jay Graham.
Coach - Jack O'Brien.

Gerald B. Counihan
Robert "Red" Sweeney
Melinda McClure
Adele Poirier Vinal
Rene Beaudoin
Sean Leary
Lynne Campbell Berard
Chris Laighton
Jay Close
Elizabeth Feldhusen
Barry Jeanson
2002 FOOTBALL TEAM - Undefeated, Super Bowl Champions
Michael Krug, Tyler DiPace, Tim Magner, Tommy Clifford, Barry Jeanson, Peter Dunbar, Kevin Gallant, Stefan Hodenpel, Dan Husmer, Adam Boone, Brian Crowley (C), David Czajkowski, Jay Bisognano, Tim Roy, Brad Carroll, Mike Abare, Andrew Ruggiero, Brian Klimm, Mike Hughes and Ryan Shorey, Austin Hsu, Henry Morris, Jeff McCusker, Jason Britton, Noah Roston, Kevin Sharp, Dana Clark, Ryan Rowlinson, Will Mullen, Steve Napoli, Pat Lundberg, Matt Schulz, Kiel McQueen, and Joey Alonzo, Andrew Sides, Tim Lieto, Andrew Poulin, Peter Rankis, Nate Crutchfield, Bobby Abare, Larry Abare, Dave Dutton, Joe O'Brien, Matt Clancy, Jim DeCristofaro, Kevin Cobb, Ben Larkins, Ken Sonner, Paul DiBona and Andrew Cookson.
Head Coach: Bill Maver. Assistant Coaches: Ray Gallant, Larry Spiller and Mike Tobin. Volunteer Coaches: Mark Smith and Kieth Maver. Equipment Manager: Brian "Gus" Mayer, Managers: Noah Lelchook, Pat Morris, John Ravis, Derek Smith, Jeremy Sides and Jake Sumner.