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Acton Boxborough Colonial Club

Isadore Stearns

Blue and Gold Award

What can you say about one of the winningest coaches in Acton Boxboro history! Her most memorable moment sums it up. "Thirty two years of working with some very outstanding people as coach, teacher and athletic director. For seventeen years my players awarded me with their committment to their school, community, and most importantly to themselves." In seventeen years as women's basketball coach, Issy's teams won fifteen championships, winning 265 and losing 76!. In one span, Issy's teams won 55 of 56 games. Her varsity field hockey record was 53-24-9 over twelve years. Her varsity softball record was 108-83 including 44 straight wins. Issy was also responsible for the JV teams in all three sports, amassing a win loss record of 181-85-18. Ms. Stearns was appointed Acton Boxboro's first Athletic Director upon her coaching retirement. Issy was one of the first women in Massachusetts to organize both men's and women's programs. Issy retired in Norway, Maine returning to her roots where she was elected to the All Maine Field Hockey and Basketball Teams. To coin an old phrase, "they just don't make them like Issy anymore."

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