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Acton Boxborough Colonial Club

Al & Rose Ramos

Blue and Gold Award

The founders of the first "First Family" of Acton Boxboro athletics. Acton was blessed the day that Al and Rose Ramos moved their family from Maynard to their home on Main Street in the mid-sixties. Let it be known with the induction of Al, Rose and Richie Ramos this evening, the Ramos Family is the first (and probably the last) family that has its entire family enshrined in the Acton Boxboro Athletic Hall of Fame. Yet, it is not due to the prodigious performance of their offspring that the Ramos's are being honored. Mr. and Mrs. Ramos are responsible for the establishment of parents becoming involved in a positive and supportive fashion in their children's' participation in extra-curricular activities as student athletes. Along with the Schwartz's and Vigliotti's, the Ramos's initiated the first Acton Boxboro parental support group, The Monday Night Quarterbacks. These positive efforts and supportive influences knew no seasons. Soon, it was the basketball program that benefited. Their door was always open, the oven was always hot, and no one was ever unwelcome in their presence. Al and Rose did not stay idle since their days at Acton Boxboro. Rose retired from Emerson Hospital after 27 years. Al semi retired from the C.S. Draper Labs and Digital Equipment Corporation, stopped teaching Electro-Mechanical Drafting and Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing at M.I.T. and Lowell Institute (UMASS Lowell). Al was called out of retirement to teach Schematic Capture for AT&T. Bell Labs. Later on, Al was called to Austin, Texas with IBM as a consultant and contractor. Alfred & Rose Ramos Blue and Gold Award Since arriving in Texas, the Ramos' took an interest in Country Western Dancing. Al and Rose Ramos have been the World Champion for two years and three time National Champion. One wonders, can their children, AB Hall of Famers Al, Rich and Paula dance? Al and Rose Ramos are the rocks of Gibraltar upon which a caring and supportive athletic environment was built. No challenge was too great. No task too trivial, as long as it benefited "the kids." We in the Acton Boxboro community owe Al and Rose Ramos a large debt of gratitude for their leadership, for their passion, for their caring, and for their involvement. Their smiles, their tears, their sweat and their enlightenment enriched one generation and shown the light for all those that followed. Thank you Al and Rose Ramos.

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