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Acton Boxborough Colonial Club

Kenny Mayer

Blue & Gold Award

  This Mayer is the true Mayor of Acton-Boxboro Athletics. Ken is the face that greets opposing coaches and teams as they enter Leary Field. As the dulcet toned "Velvet Voice of The Colonials" he intercepts the other staff and garners information while making our opposition feel at home in an imposing environment. Truth be told, all the while he's envisioning a violent ending and another "We Are AB!" at the 50 yard line. This award is long overdue. This humble bard truly acknowledges that Ken Mayer is the hardest working, most loyal, most enthusiastic, most articulate, most spirited Acton-Boxboro Booster. There is no job too trivial, no task insurmountable, no environ too hostile, nor any crime of passion that Ken Mayer will not do for Acton-Boxboro Athletics. Frank Baum, in his novel of sacrifice and friendship, "The Wizzard of Oz," had the curtain-less-exposed wizard bestowing awards on the trio of travelers that accompanied Dorothy. Allegorically, Dorothy is Acton-Boxboro, good and pure. And, in this story, the 3 characters are all rolled up into one hero… Ken Mayer. Ken could receive the Tin-man's Heart Award for his love of AB and all of the countless times he has braved the time constraints to put together a remarkable program, a subdued testimonial and/or moment of silence. Ken is the Scarecrow, for he held the idea behind The Colonial Club and Deluxe-Otto Preminger like productions at Leary Field and at pep rallies. He also shows the courage of the Lion of Bert Lahr fame. That beloved character who overcomes adversity and rises to every challenge put before him. Ken is the bedrock of this Hall of Fame. His enthusiasm is legendary. His work ethic unequaled, and his love for AB Sports unyielding. His fervor for sports is unrelenting. He carries a Johnny Most bias for all things AB. As well as the voice of The Colonials, Ken also volunteers his time to announce playoff games at the highly desired Leary Field. He has been a writer of programs and prose for AB teams, a sports reporter, grand poobah of pep rallies, designer and editor and chief of every sports program imaginable, and has served prominently on The Friends Of Leary Field Committee. His roots go deep. Along with Ray Gallant, Ken served as the first student representatives to the School Committee in 1971-72. In short, he is Blue & Gold through and through. Ken lives in Boxboro with his lovely wife Jacklyn, who allows Ken his space for his many community endeavors. Ken is a Mass. Certified Arborist and Horticulturalist. He is a member of the Board of Directors for the Acton Arboretum. Ken keeps the competitive juices flowing by playing volleyball and cut-throat touch football games with various area dignitaries. Ken's most memorable moment at AB… the next Colonial victory.

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