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Vic Cornellier


 Sir Thomas Moor has nothing on Vic Cornellier. Truly a man for all seasons, Vic could be held up as the poster child for all past and future AB Athletic Hall of Famers. When you look at his accomplishments on and off the field in high school to this present day, he is an AB icon.

The 1960 AB graduate was captain of the soccer, basketball and baseball teams. Just as with King Arthur, facts fade and blend into the fog of history, leaving us to sort out truth and myth in the legend of Camelot, the passage of time has made the exact details of Vic's athletic prowess hard to pinpoint and list here. However, word of mouth and the testimonies of his peers leave no doubt that Vic was a rare athlete who roamed the fields, hills, and courts of the small country town that was Acton. Coach Issy Sterns(ab) had Vic on her "list" as one of the top five male athletes from 1950's decade.

Vic became a Boston University Terrier and played two years of soccer on the Commonwealth Ave campus. Vic has remained physically active over the past 25 years by pursuing hobbies as a racquetball player, avid skier and has been a private pilot for over 30 years.

From 1964-1977, Vic worked across the country for PPG Industries as a construction project manager. Since 1977 to present, Vic has served as founder and chairman of the board of directors for TSI Corporation, a Washington DC based subcontractor for commercial glass and aluminum products. Many of the iconic new buildings and renovated buildings in our nation's Capital have utilized TSI's expertise. Vic is past chairman and trustee for the Calvert Health Systems and Memorial hospital. He is also the past treasurer and trustee for the Calverton School and co-chair of the National Iron Workers Training Fund.

Vic has been married to his AB classmate Julie (Tinker) Cornellier for 53 years. They have a daughter Sarah (a horse trainer) and three sons, Peter, David and Thomas, all of whom hold positions at TSI Corp.

To quote Vic, "all leadership skills and life experiences were learned in the athletic environment, more so than in the classrooms. The mental and physical challenges provided my basis for leadership in a demanding industry to a point where we now lead over 240 employees in a highly competitive environment to daily success. To this day, I clearly recall ABRHS athletic coaching strategies from Mr. Dylan, Mr. James, and Mr. Dadoli, whose advice and direction set a path for success."

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