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Acton Boxborough Colonial Club

Phil Pike

Blue and Gold Award

The 1950's and 60's were kind to the student athletes of Acton and Boxboro. It was in this time period that they were touched by the caring attitude of Mr. Phil Pike. Many people will ask what Phil has done to deserve the Blue and Gold Award. He was a bus driver. To many people today, that is a meaningless connotation. A nameless person who every day delivers your child safely from home to school and back again. The student athletes of Acton Boxboro know better. For twelve years driving the school bus and until this day, Phil Pike has been a friend, a fan, a confidant, and an asset to the AB community. His selfless interest in the well being of his charges made Phil the uncle everyone wished they had. He was there when we won, he was there when we lost. He was always there for us. His bus was his classroom, along with the sidelines of local playing fields and courts. Phil taught us class, humility, a keen love of athletics and all the positives that athletics bring. His kindness and generosity are the stuff of legends. From the woods of Maine, to the streets of Boston, to the fields of Acton, Phil Pike shared with us his life's experiences and how his experience could make us better people. When asked to describe the highpoint of his life, it was,"unquestionably the recognition I am receiving here tonight." The Blue and Gold Award could have been retired here tonight. Thank you Phil Pike.

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