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Acton Boxborough Colonial Club

Mason King

Blue and Gold Award

  For thirty plus selfless years, Mason King served as the farm system's manager for the phenomenal successes enjoyed by the A.B.R.H.S. Men's Varsity teams. The feeder system was the Junior High School. There was no Community Ed., only Little League Baseball. Over 2,500 kids were coached and treated with compassion by Mr. King. In an age where coaches now carry 10 players on their rosters for fear of disgruntled athletes and parents, Mason routinely carried twenty to twenty-five players on both the 7th and 8th grade basketball and baseball teams. His coaching style allowed for freedom of movement at the age in a youngster's life where self expression was paramount. Sixteen of AB's Hall of Fame Roster started their careers with Mason King. Over three decades of coaching, his Jr. High Teams won more championships than any of his competition. We salute the dedication and commitment to the youth of Acton-Boxboro that is Mason King. After his coaching days, he continued to contribute as a statistician for AB teams, garnering many "Player of the Week" and "All-Scholastic" nominations for AB athletes in the Boston and regional press. That dedication and commitment still exists. As his Mom and Dad's only child, his presence at home allowed them the dignity that he afforded thousands of AB athletes. It is a rare person to devote one's life to the care of his parents. Mason is such a person.

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