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Alan Foresman


  Al completes the holy trinity of Acton Boxboro administrative excellence, joining Bill O'Connell and Raymond Gray in the AB Hall of Fame. The best way to compare Al and what he meant to the AB academic and athletic community is to compare him to baseball legend and Hall of Fame's Sandy Koufax - his tenure was too brief for Acton Boxboro's selfish reasons, yet his impact was everlasting. Starting as a history and psychology teacher and coaching the hoop team's fortunes, it was quickly apparent to student, faculty and administrators alike that Alan Foresman had that special quality of leadership that few possess. From 1964 to 1967 Al served as Vice-Principal as Ray Gray's trusted right hand man. According to AB Hall of Fame's Ed Leary and Issy Stearns, Al was able to communicate to the faculty, the townspeople and to the students the importance of athletics in the total learning environment. Al emphasized what sports can do in rounding and individual and molding a group in a positive manner to achieve their common goal. Al's influence, especially on young coaches, jettisoned the AB staff to stratospheric heights. Among those who benefited from his tutelage were legends such as Larry McNulty, Ed Leary, Al Stonkis, Issy Stearns and Dan Boylen. Acton Boxboro could not keep the man with the "flat top" theirs forever. Al Foresman went back to his native Ashby and continued his outstanding educational and administrative career in his hometown and for North Middlesex Regional High School. As superintendent, selectman, citizen, and soldier, Alan Foresman dedicated his life to serving youth and community. Alan Foresman In 1986, Al hit the triple-double receiving the prestigious Joe Miller Award from his alma mater Fitchburg State College for "Excellence in Outstanding Devotion to Teaching," the Ashby Town Report was dedicated in his name, and the Alan Foresman Scholarship was established at North Middlesex Regional High School. Al's most memorable experience at AB was the many positive and rewarding relationships with students, fellow workers and parents. He looked forward to going to work each and every day. The highlight of his tenure was when, "I was appointed the Vice-Principal under Ray Gray, a man whom I deeply respected and admired." Alan Foresman retired from education in 1986. They raised one son Richard, daughter-in-law Denise and twin grandchildren Derrick and Delaney.

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