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Acton Boxborough Colonial Club

Robert Asquith


  Of all the pools in the world, he had to dive into ours. We salute the most prolific winning coach in the history of Massachusetts Swimming annals. The record setting UMASS aquatics master came to AB to ply his trade and forge the metal of a dynasty unsurpassed in duration and magnitude in AB and State swimming history. Do you want proof? "Squith" masterminded 20 consecutive undefeated dual-meet seasons, 20 consecutive Sectional Championships and 14 State Championships! 1996, Bob was recognized for an award that no coach in Acton Boxboro history has ever received. Bob Asquith was named the 1996 National Girls Swim Coach of the Year. A disciple of technique and innovative training regimens, Bob Asquith worked his girls as hard out of the pool as well as in. He transformed an individual sport into a team philosophy. His individual 'superstars' sacrificed their own personal gain to accomplish a common goal - 14 State Championships. "Coach A" worked them hard and they loved him. He demanded and they responded. Coach Asquith is a member of the Massachusetts Swimming Coaches Hall of Fame. Bob and his wife Donna reside in Chelmsford with their two sons Eric and Brendan.

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