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Acton Boxborough Colonial Club

The 1964 Boys Baseball Team

Class C State Champions

"If you build it, they will come." They came from the 4-corners of Acton, from Jones Field in the south, Kinsley Field in west and Goward Field in the center. They played in pastures, scrounged baseballs where they could find them and used old hats as bases. It was in these youthful times that the 1964 Boys Baseball Team honed their considerable skills, in which would amount to a march to the 1964 Class C, Massachusetts State Championship. After tying for first place in the fledgling years of the Dual County League, along with Lynnfield and Ashland, they ricochet their way through Wayland, Medway, Norton and DCL rival Ashland and culminated their crown by defeating Georgetown for the title in Newton. If those five victories in EMASS Tourney play, they allowed only 4 runs and shut-out three opponents. Behind a young, knowledgeable coach, Jim Palavras, they used fundamentals, foot-speed, clutch-hitting and magnificent pitching to garner the crown. In talking with some of the stars of the team, they recalled how close they were as a group and how much baseball and unity meant to them as a team. They didn't think that they could have done it without Coach Palavras. In turn, Coach Palavras stated how excited he was for the team, and "that they were just a great group of kids. They did everything he asked them to do." Pitcher and Captain Harry Gould had a 12-3 record on the season, pitching all five of the EMASS Tourney victories. The names of Sarno, Shelly, Armstrong, Paradis, and Mood, rounded out the senior hard-ballers. This Charter Road nine danced themselves into the history books and into the memories of all who watched them play, compete and conquer. To a man, all have expressed surprise that they could be remembered in the manner after so many years. Gentlemen, once an AB athlete - always an AB athlete. You helped make us the home of champions, on a stage of excellence. Welcome home boys.

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