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Acton Boxborough Colonial Club

Rick Oldenburg

Class of 1973

  How do you spell T-E-A-M? At Acton-Boxboro, that would be Rick Oldenburg. A two-sport captain in basketball and baseball, this gifted athlete was the penultimate mortar in the foundation of many successful AB teams on the hardwood and diamond. In basketball, Rick was the equivalent of a Dennis Johnson. His exceptional ball handling skills and pinpoint passing ability made everyone around him a better player. What separated Rick from DJ Rick could shoot. On the baseball diamond, Rick was one of the smoothest fielding glove men to ever play the sport at AB. Rick was the equivalent of Bill Mazeroski, but with a 300+ batting average. His mentor and father, Lee, taught Rick to knock the ball down whenever a ball came his way. Well, that he did. His leadership skills were not demonstrative. He let his performance, determination, skills and grit speak for themselves. Rick coached at Acton-Boxboro at the junior high level with fellow Hall of Famers Ray Gallant and Rich MacLeod in both basketball and baseball. He was as fine a coach as player. Rick was also responsible for leading the Goward Field Playground to prominence in the Acton's summer playground program. Rick lives in Glen Bernie, Maryland with his 17-year-old daughter Reanna. The Oldenburg family is more than well represented in the Acton-Boxboro Colonial Hall of Fame. As the oldest brother of Hall of Famers Gary and Lee, they would both tell you that their success stemmed from the care, nurturing and tutelage of Rick. Rick owns a residential painting company in Arundal County, Maryland. Rick's most memorable AB moment was in 1973, while under the gun as captain, his AB team won their last eight, straight DCL basketball games to qualify for the state tournament.

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