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Acton Boxborough Colonial Club

Bill Mullin and Dave Wilson

Blue and Gold Award

  There are dreamers and there are doers. Then there are those individuals who have a dream and do something about it.

Acton-Boxborough Athletic successes in boys and girls sports have been amongst the best in Massachusetts the last 70 years. That belies the fact that the playing fields on which they performed boarded on embarrassing. In 2003 a group called The Friends of Leary Field (FOLF) raised funds to place artificial turf on Leary Field enabling school and town teams to utilize the facility both day and night. The Gentlemen who spearheaded this achievement were Bill Mullin and Dave Wilson. Utilizing The Community Preservation Act, Bill and Dave attended more meetings and attended more fund raisers than there were rocks on Leary Field. With Bill's enthusiasm and Dave's legal expertise Leary Field was opened for business in the fall of 2005. The Dynamic Duo were not yet done. Amongst the afterglow of the Leary Field success, Bill and Dave saw a crying need for more multi-use field facilities. The Friends of The Lower Fields organization was formed. Working with the School Administration and a local lender, The Middlesex Savings Bank, The Lower Fields were funded by loans and rented to Club Teams, mostly soccer and lacrosse from all over Eastern and Central Massachusetts. The revenue from the rental would pay off the loans and the fields would be reverted back to The Acton-Boxborough Regional School District upon completion of the loan payment. Of course, red tape cutting mutual agreements and mutual trust between all parties concerned were held together by the Mullin-Wilson combine. These visionaries made AB Athletics a better place for their own children, all athletes and tens of thousands who have trodden, ran, rejoiced and learned the value of participation in sports and how it can enrich their lives. Bill lives in Acton with his wife Maryann and works for Workers Credit Union. David lives in Acton with his wife Heather and is a Principal at the law firm of Hirsch Roberts Weinstein LLP. We thank you Bill and Dave for your selfless endeavors on behalf of the student athletes and communities of Acton-Boxborough.

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