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Acton Boxborough Colonial Club

Gerard B. Counihan

Blue and Gold Award

The best word to describe Gerry "Happy" Counihan is beloved. His influence and strength of character is complimented by his outward appearance as a happy-go-lucky, glass is half-full personality. From 1978 - 1992, Happy, probably witnessed more athletic events that anyone in the school. Serving as Boy's Varsity Soccer Manager in 1978, Boys Basketball Manager, from 1978-1982 for Hall of Fame Coach Rich MacLeod he was selected as an All-star Manager. Gerry was Boys Baseball Manager from 1979-1982. Gerry was selected by all the DCL Coaches as DCL All-star Manager in 1982. That same year, Counihan was promoted by Hall of Fame Baseball Coach Jack Hughes as an Assistant Coach. As impressive as his dedication and loyalty to his AB teammates and school, it is dwarfed by his accomplishments in our nation's capital. In no specific order, Gerry was employed as Staff Assistant for US Senator John McCain. He has worked with homeless and at risk youth, has coordinated activities at a nursing center, and has worked at the US Senate Post Office. Gerry worked as a US Capital Guide where he was selected to the top honor of tour guides and was awarded the right to be the first to conduct public tours after two horrific events - the fatal shooting of 2 US Capital Police Officers and the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001. Gerry was the US Capital, US Senate Sergeant-At-Arms, and the US Senate elevator operator. Mr. Counihan held positions for the US Dept. of Health and Human Services. He is the volunteer District Historian for the US Coast Guard. He is also the Branch Chief on the National Staff for History for the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. Gerry is member of the Toastmasters Society and a volunteer at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. In his spare time, Gerry is on the Advisory Board for "Best Buddies of Virginia" and a lector at The Holy Conforter-St.Cyprian Roman Catholic Church in Washington, DC. A reception in the US Senate and by the Commandant of the US Coast Guard was held in 2012. Space prohibits the many accolades given Gerry way. Here are two- "There are not many things that Republicans and Democrats agree on in this boy these days, but our love for Gerry Counihan is bipartisan and - indeed, I can say this without any fear of contradiction - unanimous." Senator Tom Harkin, (D IA) "Many days I think Gerry is the most efficient part of the US Senate. He has a great sense of humor; he keeps running on time and takes care of us - especially when he closes the doors on persuing press!" Senator Olivia Snow, (R ME) Gerard has more friends than all of us in this room put together. He continues to reside in Washington, DC, making our nation's capital a better place.

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