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Acton Boxborough Colonial Club

1987-1988 Boys Swim Team - Division One State Champions


 The Boys swimming program started with a splash in the mid 1970's. When Jeff Johnson took over the reins, the program built up steam until it resembled a tsunami to all opponents in its wake.

Led by Captains Jeff Bortle, Chris Cichella and Chad Farrell the '87-"88 Boys swim team started a run of eight straight State Championships. That season saw a slew of talented and dedicated swimmers put on an overwhelming display of natatorial splendor. Going 11-1 and winning the Dual County title did not quench their thirst. The boys in blue & gold swam to the top of the North Sectionals with a score of 180.5 points and carried that wave to the Massachusetts State Championship with a score of 144.5. Five new Acton-Boxborough records succumbed to the teams on slot:

The 200 yard Medley Relay
The 200 yard Freestyle - Scott Fraser
The 500 yard Freestyle - Scott Fraser
The 50 yard Freestyle - Chris Cichella
The 100 yard Backstroke - Chris Lewter

This talented and selfless crew established Acton Boxborough as THE team to beat for over a decade. We salute the 1987-1988 Boys Swim Team. The foundation they forged, the pride they developed and the camaraderie they displayed.

Congratulations to this team as it takes its place as one of the very best ever to compete at Acton-Boxborough. The echoes of their cheers and the glories of their victories will always reside in the rafters of the AB Pool.

Seniors: Jeff Bortle, Chris Cichella, Chad Farrell, Richard Gizzle & Ed Langley. Juniors: Scott Bortle, Scott Fraser, Greg Peeke, David Rice & Adam Wesphalen. .
Sophomores: David Brainard, Josh Fraser(ab), Tim Hurst, John Kastelein, Dan Kopelman, Chris Lewter, Keith Paquet, Bob Parenteau & Conrad Stuntz. .
Freshman: Adam Armstrong, Kevin Bauer & Wei Lam. .
Head Coach: Jeff Johnson(ab) & Assistant Coach Mike Ehride

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