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Acton Boxborough Colonial Club

Alice and Joe Harrington

Blue & Gold Award

  Wayland's loss was Acton Boxboro's gain. Perhaps it was providence. We think it was justice. The patriarch and matriarch of AB's most dominant athletic family now resides in the AB Hall of Fame along with three or their offspring, Joe, Kevin and Cathy. Their parental involvement at Acton Boxboro is surpassed by none. Not in a meddling fashion, but in a cooperative tone of quiet leadership, behind the scenes. It is within that scope of involvement that Joe and Alice set the tone for all supportive athletic organizations at AB. This quiet leadership was evident in a supportive relationship with administrators, coaches, parents and student athletes. Their leadership was not limited to the boardroom and planning table. Their sweat, perseverance and dedication twice rebuilt the now Edward M. Leary Field. Unselfishness is a word that is synonymous with the Harrington's ubiquitous philanthropy of time and effort. In the early stages of AB's bourgeoning athletic program, captain's parents were expected to shoulder the load by running the parental support organizations. In this capacity, Joe and Alice have overseen 100+ seasons of AB athletics. 16 spent as captain's parents and an additional 12 in the enjoyment of 6 grandchildren AB captains. Joe and Alice reside in West Acton and continue to follow their 9 children and 30 grandchildren's exploits. Their most memorable moments are seeing their children and grandchildren give their finest efforts in the classrooms and athletic venues of Acton Boxboro.

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