Acton Boxborough Colonial Club

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Acton Boxborough Colonial Club

Kathy Paradis Adams

Class of 1963

Kathy literally has mountains of achievements in her resume while here at Acton-Boxboro and her adventures beyond our gaze. Another one of Coach Issy Stearns' three sport wonders, Kathy excelled at field hockey, basketball and softball. This three sport captain displayed her skills and leadership in the early 1960's. Coach Stearns describes Kathy as one of the finest people she has ever coached, and as good as she was on the courts and fields of AB, she excelled at an even higher level as a leader and student. Her determination and competitive nature carried on through her years at Framingham State College and reception of her Masters Degree from the University of Vermont in 1981. When we said mountains of achievement, we meant this literally. Kathy is one of the top mountain hikers/climbers in the northeast. She is "an Adirondac 46," which means she has climbed all of the Adirondac's highest peaks. Not satisfied, Kathy is currently working on 111 of the highest peaks in the Northeast, having already climbed 92 of them. She has backpacked the Chiltoot Trail in the Canadian Yukon and has traced the gold minors route in the Alaskan wilderness. Kathy holds a special place in her heart for Coach Issy Stearns, from who had a huge impact on her life long love of sports and competition. "…she was a coach who's passion and zeal was palpable… she believed in us, believed in teamwork and showed confidence in us to push us to be the best we could be." Kathy teaches reading-language arts to grades 4 and 5 at the Thomas Fleming School, Essex Junction,Vermont. In 2005, she was inducted into the Who's Who among American Teachers. Kathy has a son Christopher and daughter-in-law Emmy, and four grandchildren.

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