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Acton Boxborough Colonial Club

1955-1956 Girls Basketball Team

24-2 Wachusett League & Ashby Tournament Champions

  How can you say pioneers? The 1955-1956 girl's basketball team was the equivalent of the Conestoga wagon. They blazed trails for girl's basketball in eastern Massachusetts that were not matched or tread upon in their day. Their 24 wins are matched or beaten by only two teams in Acton-Boxboro basketball history with an overall record of 24-2. This talented and determined group of young women won the Eastern Division of the Wachusett League Championship in three game play and went 3-0 in the Ashby Tournament, the predecessor the state championship. No less than three members of the team are AB Colonial Club Hall of Fame members – Sylvia Beaudoin-Hughes, Irene Kazokas-Bry and Jeanne Steele. Both Irene and Sylvia were named to the All -Tourney Team and Sylvia was the Most Valuable Player. This remarkable team while competing in the post season played eight games in nine days, leading to their ultimate victory. In the course of this season, they out scored their opposition 1,577 points to their opponents 977. This was not a three-player team -this was a "true team." Their perseverance, dedication, and love for the game paved the way for the commitment to excellence that has earmarked the Acton-Boxboro women's program for the past 50 years.
Sylvia Beaudoin-Hughes(ab), Susan Collins-Sturrock, Judy Cornwall-Knowles, Margaret Daniels-Laskowski, Diane Daugherty, Karen Erkinnen-Crowell, Alice Foreman, Lois Hall-Pruett, Judith Hatch, Janice Hill-Ogliovie, Irene Kazokas-Bry (ab), Madeline Koh, Georgina Phelps-Gaebel, Karen Spinney-Pickard, Jeanne Steele-Kangas(ab), Joanne Steele, Linda Treyz-Gilberti and Deborah Woolston. Manager: Linda Gothorpe-Greene.
Isadore Stearns

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