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Acton Boxborough Colonial Club

Joseph Wilson

Class of 1971

On a snowy, windswept day in January, with nary a tire tread on snowy streets of Acton, like "Old Faithful," there was one thing you could count on seeing: the countenance of Joe Wilson, eyes straight forward, head slightly tilted, oblivious to the elements on a typical training run. Joe was one of the finest track and field competitors in AB history. He lived to run. Joe laid the foundation for Hall of Fame Coach Dick Dow's wildly successful cross country and track and field squads. In AB's inaugural cross-country season of 1969, Joe and his fellow harriers swept to victory in the DCL and State. For three seasons, Joe along with fellow Hall of Famer Howie Scribner put Acton Boxboro on the track and field map. As well as cross-country, Joe specialized in the grueling middle distance runs where toughness and attitude oftentimes spells victory. In-doors, Joe ran the 1000 and outdoors he ran the half-mile. In both seasons, he fortified the relays. Joe captained his cross country, winter and spring track teams. Joe was a fearless competitor and a leader by example. This soft-spoken warrior was at his best showing his fellow teammates how far hard work, competitive desire and guts could carry you. Joe graduated from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy where he continued his running career. Joe resides on the open seas and Rockport, Massachusetts.

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