About Us
About Us
We constantly strive to make positive and meaningful contributions to enhance the community and the life of the student/athlete at Acton Boxborough.
Some of our contributions include:
  • The Colonial Club has established a permanent venue for displaying Hall of Fame Inductees - The Wall of Fame at Colonial Field!
  • The Acton Boxborough Colonial Club has contributed $10,000 to support the efforts of the Friends of Leary Field. http://www.learyfield.org
  • The Colonial Club has made contributions to the Acton Boxborough Girls Hockey Team.
  • The Colonial Club has been instrumental in the upgrading the Acton Boxborough Regional High School Fitness Center! We have donated $20,000 to equipment and enhancements.
  • The Colonial Club's has also assisted with enhancements to the Raymond J. Grey Jr. High School Fitness Center
  • We have contributed to student summer camp sports programs

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